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Testing Rio

Twenty-four hours after boarding my first plane in Kamloops BC I stepped off of another into the gathering heat of a spring morning in Brazil.   Five members of Team Canada connected in Houston, Texas for the final 10hr flight into Rio De Janeiro, the host city of next year’s summer Olympics. This was my third Olympic test event and each has been an incredible experience. Test events exude the excitement, magic and adventure of preparing for an Olympic Games without the actual pressure of Olympic performance. They are the one high-level event where athletes are encouraged to be tourists, soak it all up, familiarize yourself with the city, the course the venue.  To train as long and as hard as you want on course to get to know it, without needing to ensure the appropriate rest to perform on race day. As long as you’re learning what you need to improve for next year, then mission accomplished.  Test events are also incredible collaboration opportunities between athletes, coache