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Still Learning: 2017 Season recap

When a season doesn’t go as well as you hoped or expected, it’s easy to get caught up analyzing only what went wrong and why, and forget that a lot of good things also happened. I ended 2016 on a high and set my sights on more of the same for 2017.   I knew it would be a tough season to follow up on so tried to make my goals more process oriented which would, I hope, lead to a more mistake-free race season (ie no crashing out of the lead this year!). I wanted to continue the improvements in my starts and I wanted to experiment with pushing myself more in strength training and see how that would translate to performance. I did hit a lot of these goals.   I only crashed in 1 race (Albstadt) I had great starts in Czech, MSA and Australia and decent in 2 others And I pushed myself harder than ever in the gym which may have helped me meet goals 1 and 2 But a lot of other parts of the season did not go to plan and I would not be progressing if I didn’t look at why