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Consistent Performance

I often get the question, "how are you always there?"  In the past 9 years I have only missed a top 5 World Cup Overall position once. This doesn't mean I don't have bad days, I just try to keep them as few as possible. When things go off the rails it is usually, unsurprisingly, for one of two reasons.   Your training Your head space Training Some rider’s battle for consistency is less about them not working hard enough, but working too hard, too inconsistently or with an unbalanced approach.   Rest days are important for both your brain and body.   A yearly plan with a consistent routine of structured training stress and rest is critical.   Develop a good plan with your coach and trust in it.   Don’t rush your training. Be consistent week to week, month to month.   Focus when you need to focus, relax when you don’t.   Have fun.   Know when more is more and when less is more, but do the work. If you do not train with consistency throughout