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How can Yoga, meditation and Enduro help your xc performance?

Your brain, like your legs, is a muscle that has to be trained and also recovered if you want it to be resilient under pressure.   You can go into a race hoping all goes well if there’s no adversity, or you can do the preparation so that, regardless if things go to plan or not you have the resources and skillsets to adapt quickly and get the best out of yourself. Yoga, meditation or even a walk in the woods are a few tools I have found really help focus my mind and energy to increase performance. The busier my mind, the more slowing down helps me prioritize, the more race nerves have me feeling stressed, the more clearing my mind can lead to focused excitement and confidence. Yoga and meditation are one of the best things I can do to train distraction control and clear my mind so it’s ready to focus on what’s most important, rather than getting caught up in every stray thought or sensation.   Doing yoga at home is probably the best thing to do if I want to keep a clean hou