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About that Kit

I’ll be the first to admit I have a dream job.  I get to travel the world riding and racing my bike, chasing exciting goals, and prioritizing health and fitness. Yes, sometimes training and racing is hard, really hard, but I love what I do and that makes everything worthwhile. For 11 years, I have happily put on the blue cycling kit of the ClifBar (Luna) Pro Team for every training session (and still will for all UCI events). That adds up to a lot of time in Blue!  So, when Garneau gave me the opportunity to design my own kit I knew I wanted to make something totally different.  Something playful & fun that showed my non-serious-racer side, a side of my personality that has been as important as work ethic and drive to find success at the World Cup level of mountain bike racing. Fun is Fast!  Fun is what keeps you motivated and loving what you do. It is what allows you to put in big hours in tough weather, to smile when you’re exhausted or discouraged, to see a race as an