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Training Volume

Not all hours are created equally:  For me winter hours are a combination of focused trainer rides, xc skiing, fat biking, gym, and running.  -20 and combination workouts can often mean a little less hours and more quality is more benefit.  Being able to stay home during the winter and train with focus is key for my summer energy level and desire to push the pedals come spring! This winter I shared some of my thoughts on training volume for endurance athletes and wanted to expand on that topic here with some additional thoughts for both recreational and elite endurance athletes. My Original Instagram post: Training volume is a hot topic right now in endurance circles and it’s an interesting one because so many different athletes are successful on different amounts of training. Currently the trend is towards more, but probably my best season was 2011, where I did almost 100 hrs (12%) less than my mediocre season last year (about 780 vs 880). In training, more isn’t always more