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Fear, form and coming back from injury

  It was my comeback race, it was not glorious, but it was ok and I am back doing what I love with the people I love Exactly 10 weeks before the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup I broke my left humerus.  It was a pretty random crash with a rock shifting under my tire as I went high speed through a small rock garden. It happened fast and I thought I would just roll out of it, but when I sat up I couldn’t move my arm.  I didn’t have a single scrape on me otherwise and had almost convinced myself I had just really hit a nerve…almost. When I saw my x-ray my heart dropped, but I immediately started thinking of my rehab plan. The doctor seemed reluctant to dash my hopes of returning back as quickly as I did from broken collarbones, in 6 weeks, but cautioned me to think more long term.  The first two weeks of an injury are the hardest.  You’re uncomfortable, restricted and having to reset some deeply desired goals.  My husband and friends were amazing and helped me rig up a t