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Winter Training: How to Get it Done

With less light, cooler weather, variable conditions, soooo many layers of clothing, and multiple training sessions/day, winter training can be much more time consuming and energy draining than summer training. The challenge of winter training however builds resiliency and commitment and can make you a better athlete come summer.  I like to escape winter for 1-2 weeks a year, but most of my training is done at home be it -20 or +5.  Yes, you may be able to do bigger volume if you head south to ride, but the off season is also about finding life balance, recharging your mental batteries and the reality we can't all just fly away when conditions get tough.  Staying home in winter can enable you to do consistent high quality work and build a routine that will have you mentally tough, focused and physically just as ready for race season.  Ice in Our Veins Team Canada Moto going into the Rio Summer Olympics Below are some of the ways I maintain high volume and quality tra