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What holds you back?

In the past two years I have had Einstein’s quote flowing through my mind as I have struggled more than usual to find the performance level I desired, that “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result”. It’s not that I was not varying my training, I was, but I was stuck on being 2011-2016 me when at some point that athlete me had changed.   Sport evolves at a rapid rate and we have to evolve with it. We can’t be the same athlete over and over again and expect the same performance level, equal internal fire or results in an evolving environment. There are many reasons we may not be as fast as we used to be; changes in our age, work, family life, body composition, health, happiness, motivation - they all impact our performance at one point or another. Sometimes they impact us all at the same time. That’s ok because we can roll with it if we acknowledge that "yeah things are different, but I can make the best of new a