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Epic Israel: Part adventure Blog, Part Race Blog

  Israel is a country I think most of us come to with misconceptions of what it will be like. Without a bike race drawing me here, I doubt it would have made my list of places to explore, but I feel gratitude for the chance to have gone, lived with a lovely cycling family in a Kibbutz for several days and raced over 300km of roads and trails surrounding Acre (Akko) with a world class field of competitors. Above Haifa After seeing the dusty, exhausted faces in images from last year’s epic I was not sure it was one I wanted to tackle…. but the lure of a new country, an adventure, some UCI points and only 4 days of suffering was enough to prompt me to ask Haley Smith if she would like to partner up again.  I had just beaten her to the question by a couple hours.  We arrived several days early to acclimate and I actually participated in a C1 race on day 1.  I say participated, because after one lap at the front I blew in the heat and could no longer call it racing…just tryi