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Disclaimer:  The guy was on an E bike, but yeah stoke level was not high at this point ;-) I think a lot of us feel like we’re supposed to feel super motivated all the time. Lack of motivation isn’t admirable or strong.  Feeling unmotivated makes you want to judge yourself (“I’m not committed enough, good enough … what’s wrong with me?” versus “ugh I just do not feel motivated right now”), but whether you are a paid professional athlete or someone that demands and expects a lot of themselves you are still human. Sometimes life fills you with stoke and everything feels easier and sometimes it’s just tough and uninspiring.  What matters for most of us and reaching our goals is how quickly we can get unstuck and back to that bring-it-on headspace. Lapses in motivation may last a workout, a couple days, weeks or come and go. It may be just around training or seep into your everyday.  You may feel fired up one day and the next be wondering what the heck happened and find yourse