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Training after a baby

If I were to sum up my training after a baby in one word it would be conservative.    That may seem funny since I was able to return to racing at a high level on a short timeline (World cups in 3.5 months and Olympics in 6), but for me a big part of that success was from not pushing for too much too soon and risking getting injured.    Postpartum, your body experiences a lot of hormonal changes, breast feeding can reduce calcium and impact bone density, your pelvic region has been through big changes.... all of these changes, plus high fatigue levels warrant a cautious and steady approach on your return to form. Early days were all about recovery and snuggling My first month postpartum was spent recovering and rebuilding.   I was able to ride and ski until the final day of my pregnancy and do 10+ hours of easy volume/week.   The first week after having Dara was all about recovery, getting sleep when possible and bonding with Dara.   At the end of week 2 I was able to get on the trainer